What is Page URL?

Page URL is the name or address of the page. URL always display on the address bar in desktop or mobile browser. When you create a page it is important to keep the page name relevant with your content of the page. So when user read your page name they can easily understand the context of the page. Non-technical user mostly surprises when other ask them for the URL of the page. Check the image for visual understanding of the page URL:

Page URL shows in Address Bar

What to consider before writing the URL?

There are many ways to write page URL, but when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it’s very important to follow the best practice of the URL.

If you writing a page about your product pricing. Your page title might be Pricing or Product Pricing. In that scenario, your page name can be pricing.html or product-pricing.html, Do not use underscore or special character in the page URL.

Length of Page URL Best Practice

There are no rules of minimum or maximum character of URL of the website. But the best practice of character for page URL is 70 including the domain name characters.

If you have 150 characters in your URL, Google is smart enough to read all the character and display the most appropriate word of the URL in the search results.

Should I include Keywords in the URL?

The short answer is Yes & the main challenge is making it helpful for your reader.

Imagine you are writing pricing page for your products or services. If you define page name is pricing.html it will be very generic and nobody will understand what pricing they going to see by reading only page URL.

Imagine you are selling search engine optimization services, and if you add your page name “seo-pricing.html” it can be very helpful for your readers. Because by reading seo-pricing.html in the URL reader can easily understand this page contain SEO pricing information. And it also helps you to include the keyword in your page URL.

So when its comes to SEO and page URL, you should include meaning full page name and include keywords for better ranking and provide the direct answer to your audience.

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