Terms Of Service

The terms and conditions mentioned herein are legally binding agreement between the User (‘User’ means ‘You’) of the SEO Audit Software and the SEO Audit Software Company (‘SEO Audit Software’, ‘We’ or ‘Us’)

Please fully understand the following content of the agreement. If you have any doubt regarding understand the content of this agreement or have any confusion about the rights and obligations resulting from accepting the agreement, feel free to contact us at any time.

The agreement may be in effect and can be modified by SEO Audit Software from time to time.

If you do not agree on any or all of these terms, then you are advised not to use this tool.


    1. Definition: The services accumulated with a series of online marketing and management tools for search engine optimization (“SEO”), located at https://seoaudit.software/ (the “Website”), includes tools for automated tracking of search engine performance, analytics and conversion tracking and SEO reports. The services allow users to (a) Generate Branded Custom SEO Audit Report, (b) Get Instant Lead Notifications, (c) Capture Leads directly from the Website, (d) Customize Downloaded PDF File Reports (e) scan the website and improve ranking on the SERPs.

    2. Changes: We, the SEO Audit Software has the legal right to change any of the terms and conditions in the services and specifications at any time at our discretion. And we are not liable to give any prior written notice to the user. Any changes will take effect immediately unless the change has been dismissed by us. If the changes are unacceptable to you, you can terminate the relationship with SEO Audit Software at any time. Your use of the service of the software signifies that your binding acceptance to the following terms and conditions, as amended.

    3. Additional Services: Unless any further notice from us, any new feature or the improvement of the currently offered services including the new upgrade of SEO Audit Software, shall be subject to this Agreement.

    4. Right to Use Services: SEO Audit Software hereby grants you permission to use the Services and the Software solely as per the Agreement. Violation or disobeying any of the terms and conditions may result in termination of your access to this tool and its services in our sole discretion.

    5. Suspension or Termination of Services: Without derogating our rights under this agreement, applicable law or otherwise, we may at any time, suspend or terminate any or all of the services that will be effective immediately upon written notice. Such termination will also be applicable to any specific jurisdiction, business line, customer or the User. The user can terminate the account at any time from the user panel. And to delete the information, you have to submit a request at [email protected]. After suspension or termination notice, the user has given 30 business days to restore data in their account before it removes entirely from our server.

    6. Third-Party Services: We hold the right to use third-party service providers in terms of all or part of the Services of our software including, hosting providers, payment processing services, information and communication services, analytics services, internet advertising platforms, advertising service providers and platforms. Users may subject to the mentioned third party services terms and conditions. We hold no responsibility on behalf of the services that are provided by any third party.


    1. Use of the Services: Without registration, you may use the free trial version of the software and after 14 days of free use, you can go for the paid option. However, you may use, either as a free or paid user, you can not use the service if you are ineligible in your jurisdiction or not have the authority to accept this agreement. If you are under 18, you are advised to try not to register in the service or send any kind of personal information to us, including name, address, telephone number, or email address. If we discover, anyone under 18 trying to register the service without parental consent, we will delete the information as soon as possible. Going for the paid account will give you some premium features with additional benefits that a free trial user couldn’t receive.

    2. Acceptance: By registering into the Service means you become the subject of the Agreement and fully accept the conditions of the Agreement and give us the full authority to obtain, process, store, use and transmit your personal data and information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is kind of an indispensable part of this Agreement.

    3. User Representations: As a user of this software, you agree that (a) you will not provide any false information while creating an account or using the service. (b) you agree not to do anything unlawful or prohibited or that completely go against the terms & conditions. (c) You will not perform any activity that could damage or impair the proper working of SEO Audit Software. (d) you keep the information authentic and up-to-date. (e) you are at least 18 years old and have the authority to enter into this agreement.

    4. Registration & Billing: In order to use the software features, you need to use the free trial version first. To become a free trial user, you don’t need to input any payment information, just simply register into the software and use it. There is no cost to create an SEO Audit Software User account. After the free trial, if you want you can register into the paid features. For that, you are required to submit the payment information to access the full features designed for paid packages. As a paid user, you are accepted to notify us promptly for any changes in your billing information. Based on the defined number of users that your chosen subscription plan has, you can add additional users to your account. But if we detect multiple users use the same account frequently from different locations, in sole discretion, we may terminate this User account immediately.

    5. Login and Password: You are solely responsible for the maintenance of all of your user accounts, including your User login and password. You agree not to share your account information with any third parties.

    6. User Responsibilities: As a user, you are agreeing to the following commitments to continue using the services:

      1. You will maintain the security of your User account along with all the activity that befalls on your account.

      2. You will maintain accurate account information at all times, including a valid email address and billing information and also update such information when needed.

      3. Receive access to the Services and that access may involve third-party expenses (such as Internet service provider or airtime charges); and

      4. Obtain and maintain all necessary equipment to access the Services.

    7. Prohibited Uses: You are expressly forbidden from using the Services in any of the following ways or purposes:

      1. No Illegal Purpose: You are prohibited to use the services in any of the illegal means that violates the copyright or other applicable laws or go against the content of the terms and conditions.

      2. No Tampering: You are prohibited to use the Services in a way that is harmful towards the operation of the Services or the access or use of the Services by anyone else. You will not upload viruses in the system or other documents with malicious purpose. The purpose of this section is to avoid interference in the normal operations of the services, including hacking, deleting, augmenting or modifying the services.

      3. Permission Required: While solely respect to lease, resale and sublicense, except it is legally valid under your paid subscription, without prior written consent, you are allowed not to (a) copy, sell, alter, enhance, translate, sell, resell, or misuse the services or any data from the software, (b) decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to discover the software source code, (c) remove, change or decomposed the copyright, trademark or any of the proprietary rights notices that attached within or through the service or website, (d) modify similar kind of website so that it can illegally claim similarity with the SEO Audit Software services and products, (e) make the service or website or any other part in particular available for third party use, or for outsourcing undertakings or data processing or for other commercial time-sharing.

      4. Inquiries: You are not allowed to (a) conduct more than 10 inquiries from one unique IP address per 1 second, (b) conduct more than 10 synchronous inquiries from one user, (c) conduct more than 2 synchronous export inquiries.

      5. Automatic Inquiries: Automatic inquiries are not allowed to conduct by the User.

    8. Special Access and Testing: If you are offered or given clear access to any new features or resources (“Beta Test”) that are not available to our users (“Closed Beta”), then you must know that you should not expect or rely on the fact that these new tools and features will have continued availability. Such beta testing tools and features are conditioned based on your agreement not to disclose any information or resources or experience about using them to third parties.

    9. Assignment: A user is not allowed to assign, transfer, exchange any of the rights and obligations under this agreement or the User account, except if written permitted by SEO Audit Software. Any violations in the mentioned restriction are directed to immediate termination of the User Account. In order to change the access to corporate subscriptions of the services, users are required to provide a detailed explanation of changes including employment documentation and other relevant information.

    10. De-Registration: As a user, you have the right to delete your User Account and its information at any time as you want. By sending a request at [email protected] your account information will be deleted within 30 business days. Note that, by doing so, SEO Audit Software holds no responsibility for losing any data or information. And if you have any due service fees before de-registration, without paying full such deletion will not be granted.

    11. Termination by SEO Audit Software: SEO Audit Software has the legal right to terminate any User account at any time in the sole discretion for offensive activity, inability to comprehend with the agreement or for any other fraudulent activity.


    1. Service Fees: In order to the paid features, the user has to pay a monthly subscription fee based on the chosen plan that is located at pricing page. The fees are exclusive of Value added tax and any other taxes, in particular, or any other charges or duties which is imposed on the payment and are applicable to the registered user

    2. Promotional Giveaways: On any specific feature or service, the user will get some special giveaways or discounts from time to time. That promotional giveaway shall come with income tax consequences that the user is solely responsible for. And further required by the applicable law, Users also agree to submit us properly completed tax forms that are needed to filings with tax authorities.

    3. Change in Fees: We reserve the right to change the fees or introduce a new charge at any time. The changes in our fees may occur if (a) our third-party service providers bring change in their fees, (b) Upon user request if we bring changes in our services.

    4. Payment: The user must use a valid credit card which is required for a Paid account. And all the payments are on a prepaid basis. The services are billed on a monthly basis. Users can access the payment amounts and service plans from the User Account. Note that, User is responsible for the bank fees and any kind of charges that comes with the service fee.

    5. Refund policy: To know the refund policy, the user may visit this page.


    1. All Rights Reserved: All kinds of title, rights or any other proprietary claims including trademark, copyright, patent, database, or any other licenses, the platform that use to provide the services, all kinds of codes & software, all the services that are provided to the user under this agreement are and will remain solely as our property. User can not granted or has no ownership rights in the SEO Audit Software website and its services. The user only uses the services or features that are granted by us and are strictly limited by this Agreement. We reserve full legal rights of all the property and resources that are not granted herein.

    2. SEO Audit Software Marks: Users are prohibited to use any of the trademarks, graphics, icons, names logos, metatags or utilize any hidden text that affiliated with the trademark, trade dress or service mark that is displayed on or through the website or software. User right to use any of the marks is strictly limited and need approval from us. SEO Audit Inc.® is our trademark, similarly, any other trademark that is shown on the website or software or services belongs to our affiliates or subsidiaries or third parties. Users use any mark that is against the agreement or without being approved by us are considered infringement and we hold the right to discontinue or terminate the user from using any of our services.

    3. User’s Marks: As a user of SEO Audit Software, you have accepted to grant us the non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use your brand’s names, logos, trademarks, and service marks that you use for only informational and promotional purposes.

    4. Rights of SEO Audit Software: As a user of SEO Audit Software, you hereby agree to the terms that upon signing up SEO Audit Software hold the rights to use and promote the user company name, logo, and location anywhere without any obligation, communication, or further notice.

    5. Feedback: Users can share any ideas, suggestions, comments or feedback regarding any features or services of SEO Audit Software. If any ideas or suggestions seem fitted, SEO Audit Software can implement those ideas. Hereby, the user accepts to assign all the rights or titles towards such ideas and feedbacks to SEO Audit Software and agree that SEO Audit Software can implement any or all of the ideas without any obligation whatsoever.


    1. Termination Right: As per the agreement, if any party violates any of the obligations, warranties or representations of this agreement, shall be terminated by SEO Audit Inc. at any time with a written notice. For the paid user, the termination notice will be sent 30 days prior.

    2. Effect of Termination: Upon termination of the Agreement, the continuity of using the services also be terminated.

    3. Survival: While terminating the agreement, all the provisions related to warranty, liability, confidentiality, protection to proprietary rights, trade secrets and other provisions will be protected until they are no longer needed to achieve any other purpose.


    1. Disclaimer: This hereby declares that excepts anything that is prohibited by law, the services and the features that the website and software provided and displayed “AS-IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” and we denied any of the warranties and conditions that claim the fitness of a particular purpose, title, accuracy or non-infringement. We make no guarantee that the services or the software (a) will always meet your requirements (b) will always be accurate, timely and error-free, (c) Will always be reliable, legal, safe and free from any kind of viruses, harmful code. Further, announce that there is no accuracy and reliableness in the content of any sites linked with the website.

    2. Limitation of Liability: In no circumstances whatsoever, SEO Audit Inc. and anyone who are associated with us (directors, employees, agents) shall not be liable to the user or any third party for the direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages that arise either from this Agreement or by using the services. Our liability for any damages related to the agreement and services will at all times limited to (a) twenty-nine dollars ($29) or (b) the amount you have paid us 12 months prior (if any). More than one claim will not extend the limit and the claim must be permitted by law in the applicable jurisdiction.

    3. Third-Party Products and Services: SEO Audit Software does not take the liability or endorse or warrant the products or services that are served by the third party through the website or by any hyperlinked or advertised on the website. Also, SEO Audit Software will not be responsible whatsoever in regard to any kind of transaction between the user and the third-party service providers.

    4. Other Jurisdictions: SEO Audit Software gives no guarantee that the services and features are accessible for use in all locations. Thereby, those who access the software from jurisdictions prohibiting such type use do not volunteer by us and you can do so at your own discretion and will be responsible for any kind of compliance with local law.


    1. You hereby agree to the terms to defend SEO Audit Software and anyone who are associated with us (directors, employees, agents) and consider us harmless from and against the claim of defamation, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, debts, obligations which is related to (a) Your access and use of our services and software, (b) Your violation of any kind of rules and agreements, (c) Your violation of third-party service providers rights. This defense will ensure your continuity of using the services of our software.


    1. Any of the SEO Audit Inc items (technology, software, software source code, technical data, content, etc) are subject to the US export control laws and regulations as its administered by the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (“BIS”) and under its Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”) & the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Controls (“OFAC”). So by agreeing to this agreement, you are not allowed to export, re-export or transfer any of the SEO Audit Inc property. If you do so that will consider the violation of United States export laws or regulations and other applicable laws and regulations. And by doing so, you are agreeing to not to do anything that violates the law and your accessibility of using this software.


    1. Assignment: Any rights or obligations of this agreement can not be replaced, assigned or transferred without our written consent, only we, the SEO Audit Software holds the right to assign it without any restriction. Any replacement or assignment by violating this provision shall be regarded as null and void. The terms of this agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties as well as their respective successors and assigns.

    2. Force Majeure: Such unforeseeable circumstances (communication failure, earthquake, flood, war, acts of terrorism, power failures, internet connection difficulty, the use of third parties equipment, etc) may cause delay or failure of our software performance and we shall not be liable for that situation causes.

    3. Electronic Notices: This agreement accepts the fact it will be conducted in the electronic form and does require any parties to sign it. That electronic notice will be considered as valid. As a user, you accept to receive notices via the email address that you use to register into the software. Electronic Notices will always be in ‘written format’ and will receive them on the day we send them to you. We reserve the right, but assume no obligation, to provide a paper (instead of electronic) copy for Communication.

    4. Entire Agreement: This entire agreement, along with the privacy policy, binding a legal arrangement between you as a user and the SEO Audit Software concerning your utilization of the software features and services. However, our affiliation with third-party service providers may constitute additional terms, which you can avail on the terms and conditions section of that particular service.

    5. Languages: The terms of this agreement are written in the English language, which is solely designed by us and exclusively presented to you, for your convenience. If you want you can translate it into other languages at your own risk. We suggest you to keep using the English one and only translate it for reference, as translation may cause some inaccuracies. Furthermore, you are agreeing to conduct all kinds of communication with us in English.

    6. Severability: This agreement contains such terms or provisions that are distinct and severable. If the court or legal authority of competent jurisdiction detects any part of the provisions being illegal, invalid or unenforceable that will not lessen the effectivity or applicability of this agreement or the legitimacy of other sections of this agreement.

  10. PRIVACY:

      Terms and conditions come hand in hand with the privacy policy. The services of this software governed by the privacy policy which is included here as a reference. So when adopting the terms and condition make sure to adopt the privacy policy as well.


      SEO Audit Software team always eager to help you and rescue you from any kind of problem. You can reach us by email at [email protected].