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Our SEO & Digital Marketing Pricing plan fit for every business around the world.

20 Yrs+ Expertise on your Team

SEO & Digital Marketing Consultancy

Hourly – Prepaid
Starting $180 / hourly

(Minimum 8hrs)

Good for Small and Medium companies & those who have an in-house SEO team but can’t meet their KIPs.

  • 20yrs + SEO & Digital Marketing Expertise
  • Use as bi-weekly meeting
  • Your SEO team can’t go wrong
  • SEO Content Guideline help
  • On-Page SEO Guidelines
  • Content Marketing support
  • Conversion Optimization

SEO & Digital Marketing Director

Pat-time – Prepaid
Starting $4k / monthly

(Weekly 20hrs)

This package is Good for the competitive SEO market & has its complete SEO Team & wants to increase organic sales.

  • 20yrs + SEO & Digital Marketing Expertise
  • Take ownership of your SEO
  • Digital Marketing Automation
  • Improve organic traffic
  • Increase organic sales
  • Monitoring your SEO Team
  • Prepare monthly SEO Plan

Organic Ranking & Conversion rate optimization

Project Based – Prepaid
Starting $10k / monthly

(Minimum 15 Months)

Suitable for the enterprise-level SEO competition & not happy with your SEO Team & want to increase organic sales.

  • 20yrs + SEO & Digital Marketing Expertise
  • Technical SEO
  • Website Optimization
  • Digital Marketing Automation
  • Improve User Experience
  • Increase Sales
  • 5+ dedicated SEOs on your Team

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Frequently Asked Question

To clear your doubts on Google SEO keyword rank tracker tool, read the following questions & answers

Yes, an SEO Expert should have a crystal clear knowledge of digital marketing in order to be successful. Digital marketing includes components such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, website optimization, and social media marketing.

Without a thorough knowledge of each of these components, it will be difficult for an SEO Expert to help their clients achieve their goals.

Yes, a good SEO expert should have a solid understanding of website coding and how it affects the optimization of a website. They should be able to analyze a website’s code and make improvements that will improve its ranking in search engine results.

Understanding HTML, CSS and JavaScript is essential for an SEO expert. HTML is a language used to structure webpages, while CSS is used to style them and make them look more attractive. Javascript is a scripting language used to make pages more interactive and provide additional features.

An SEO expert should also be familiar with the various technologies used to create websites, such as PHP, MySQL and databases. They should understand how these technologies can be used to create dynamic and interactive websites that are optimized for search engines.

An SEO expert should also have a solid grasp of web analytics. Being able to track and analyze website data is essential in order to make improvements and track the success of SEO efforts. They should be able to analyze the traffic sourced from search engines and compare it to the traffic from other sources.

An SEO expert should also have a good understanding of link building and be able to create effective backlinks. They should be able to identify quality websites and create links that will help to boost the website’s ranking in search engine results.

Finally, an SEO expert should have a good understanding of content optimization. This involves optimizing the content of a website so that it is more likely to rank highly in search engine results.

Without the knowledge of server-side processes, an SEO expert’s efforts in optimizing a website cannot be fully realized.

Having knowledge of server-side technology allows for an improved understanding of the structure and design of a web page, enabling the implementation of the latest Google recommendations for better crawling by robots.

This includes choosing the right server for a new website, as well as ensuring that the site is accessible when robots attempt to access it. This knowledge is also essential for ensuring optimal page loading times.

As an experienced SEO professional with 20 years of experience, I can confidently say that utilizing my server-side knowledge will ensure that your website is ranked on the first page of search engine results.

Yes, an SEO expert should possess strong, thorough content-writing skills. Content is an integral part of SEO and having a good understanding of SEO and writing content that is optimized for search engines can help the SEO expert achieve better rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Good content-writing skills involve more than just understanding the fundamentals of SEO. Content writers should be able to craft content that is engaging and relevant to the target audience. They should know how to use keywords effectively to ensure that the content ranks well in search engine results. They should also be knowledgeable about keyword research and be able to use this knowledge to identify the best keywords to target.

Good content writers should also be able to create content in various formats, such as blogs, articles, and web pages. This will allow them to create content that appeals to different audiences and can be used to reach a wider audience. Additionally, the content should be optimized for different channels, such as social media, which can help the SEO expert reach a wider audience and increase the chances of the content being seen and shared.

Yes, an SEO specialist should adhere to all of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. The guidelines are designed to help websites rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). The guidelines provide guidance on how webmasters can optimize their websites for better search engine visibility and performance.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are divided into four categories: design and content, technical specifications, quality guidelines, and marketing guidelines. Design and content guidelines provide advice on how to create an effective website design and content that is useful for users. Technical specifications provide guidance on how to properly structure a website’s code and provide advice on how to submit a website to Google.

Quality guidelines provide advice on how to create content that is useful and relevant to users and provide guidance on how to keep content up to date. Finally, marketing guidelines provide advice on how to promote a website in a way that is acceptable to Google and other search engines.

An SEO specialist should be familiar with all of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and ensure that the website they are designing or optimizing meets all of the guidelines. Adhering to the guidelines can help improve a website’s search engine visibility and performance, as well as help to avoid penalties or other negative consequences.

SEO is an ongoing process that requires hundreds of small steps to reach the desired outcome. Stopping the work midway is not an option and it is necessary to stay up-to-date in order to get the best results.

Most SEO professionals just stop working when the desired ranking is achieved, but that should not be the case. There should be a passion to keep improving the current position. With Google’s constantly changing algorithms, the website must be updated and improved in order to maintain its ranking.

It is important to have a good understanding of the bigger picture and the goals that need to be achieved.

An SEO expert should be focused on converting goals, instead of solely aiming for a certain ranking position. The ranking is an important factor but it should not be the only goal.

The ultimate objective is to keep doing SEO best practices in order to maintain the ranking and achieve the marketing goals.