SEO Leads: Proven techniques for SEO Lead Generation for Agencies

26 Jul 2020 Audit

Leads are the company’s lifeline. So, if you’re looking for an SEO lead generation tool, read ahead.

Running an agency is hard enough when you don’t have a definitive way to earn leads. It becomes even more complicated when you don’t have any techniques on your sleeves.

But thanks to today’s advanced technology. You’ll find so many amazing Lead Generation Tools in the market. That gonna sort you out in this matter.

Today’s SEO industry is competitive. And that’s not only for your own region, but that’s also happening globally. Not only your SERPs competitors. But chances are you have thousands of same industry competitors who are competing for the same piece of the pie.

But good news. You got us (not advertising tho).

But seriously our lead generation tool is specifically made for you to resolve this problem. Details we explained below.

We also explained some tried & tested strategies that you can use to generate high-quality leads. The steps are pretty straightforward. First, we’ll start with the basics. Then we’ll walk you through every proven technique. So let’s begin.

What is SEO Lead Generation?

SEO or Search engine optimization helps to increase your website traffic. And lead generation is focused on increasing the number of clients for your business. And when the two elements are combined it helps you to convert that targeted traffic into a potential client. That, in the end, increases your business profit & overall growth

What is an SEO Lead?

If you’re a business owner, your main target is to sell your service. Now instead of shouting & attracting your leads or prospective clients through some attractive offers. You can easily take the help of SEO.

SEO helps you to optimize your site. So that you can easily show up in front of your targeted customers. Those targeted customers enter your website with buying intentions. Those customers are mainly your SEO leads.

How do you generate SEO leads?

There are numerous ways you can generate SEO leads for your agency. Such As:

  • ⇨ By using SEO Lead Generation Tools.
  • ⇨ Creating High-Quality Content to attract your clients.
  • ⇨ Optimize your local SEO Strategies
  • ⇨ Guest Blogging
  • ⇨ Usage of Google Adwords
  • ⇨ Download eBook
  • ⇨ Signup for whitepaper
  • ⇨ and so many

SEO Lead Generation Tool

PPC, Social media marketing, content marketing – all of these things are time-consuming & your budget eater. For traffic conversions, you need some solid foundations.

Instead of throwing thousands of dollars on other things. Let’s focus on the real things.

Now you can easily generate more high-quality SEO leads using your own platform.

You don’t believe us, do you?

Have you heard about SEO Audit Software?

This SEO software is combined with so many amazing tools. And one of them is the Lead Generation Tool.

It’s really hard to get noticed by your SEO clients when you’re rushed to cover other important matters. We’ve proven techniques to bring qualified SEO leads to your business.

When you offer your targeted customers the‘ Free SEO Audit Report’ button using your brand name. Automatically those leads will become your potential clients.

The steps are also pretty simple.

Once you sign up for free in this software (the free trial lasts for 14 days BTW). You’ll enter into the

On the left side, you find a list of feature names. From the list go to the “Generate Leads” section.

 Generate Leads section on SEO Audit Software

There you will find three options:

Create Widget:

This option is for creating a lead generation widget to embed onto your website. Here you will get three simple steps to customize the widget look. And make it like a branded one.

Those steps are:

  • Widget Types

    Here you can select any widget type and theme.

    • ◼ Widget Type & Theme:

      You got four types to choose from:

      • ◻ Popup Form:

        Popup form generally means a graphical user interface area that suddenly appears on the page. Because of its nature, this type of form is ideal for easily attracting new leads. With this tool, you can set an auto pop-up time limit. You can add it anywhere on your webpage. Left, center, or right. You can choose the popup theme. You can generate a two-column or one-column popup form.

        Here’s what the Two-Column Popup Form looks like.

         In Widget can generate two column popup form to generate leads
      • ◻ Slim Form:

        The slim form appears on the top where all the fields are set horizontally. This one is a pretty simple & straightforward lead generation form type. This type of form will completely match your brand aesthetic & doesn’t distract visitors with any kind of animation.

        Here’s what a one-row Slim form looks like.

         In Widget can generate a slim top form and put it on the website anywhere you want
      • ◻ Fixed form:

        As the name suggests, this form is fixed in nature. You can easily fix this up on your website’s suitable position & collect leads through it. This type of form is clean and contains no distractions. You can place this type anywhere on your webpage and will give your visitor a clear guideline on what to do next.

        Here’s what a One-Column Fixed Form looks like:

         One Column Fixed Form can add in widget form for leads generated on SEO Audit Software
      • ◻ Takeover Form

        This type of form takeover as per session or page view. You can choose either one view settings for this type of form. You can also choose any event for your takeover form. You can choose to show your takeover form on exit, when the user scrolls, or appear when visitors visit the page.

        Here’s what a One-Column Takeover Form looks like.

        One Column Takeover Form can add in widget form for lead generating

        After choosing your desired form type and theme. Now you can add your widget information.

    • ◼ Widget Information

      This part shows the information you can add for your widget identity.

      Information such as

      • ◻ Widget Name:
        This name is only for internal use.
      • ◻ Widget Title:
        Add if want to display a title for your form.
      • ◻ Widget Description:
        Add if want to display a short description for your lead.
      • ◻ HTML Content:
        This HTML content appears below the widget description.
      • ◻ Report button Action:
        Here you can choose any action to display the audit report to your leads. Actions such as:
        • □ Show Audit Report
        • □ Redirect to a different URL
        • □ Show Thank You popup message
      • ◻ Report Close & Redirect Button Action
        Here you can choose from 2 different actions to either redirect the lead to a different URL or stay on the same page.
      • ◻ Report Close Button Text:
        Now you can name the form CTA button and label anything as you want.

    Now all this is done, move to the 2nd phase which is,

  • Form & Field

    Here you can configure the widget form field based on the type of information you want to fetch from the leads.

    Configure the form field section by adding the website URL, keyword, email, name, phone field, and terms & condition checkbox
    • ◼ Show Form Field Text:
      Here you can present the form field of your widget as a label, as a placeholder, or as both.
    • ◼ Website URL Field:
      This is the system-required field for your widget. What you can do here is change the text of the label and Placeholder.
    • ◼ Keyword Field:
      Same as the URL field this is also a required field. And you can update the label and placement text.
    • ◼ Email Field:
      This is an optional field. If you want you can show it in the form and make it mandatory for the leads.
    • ◼ Name Field:
      Same as the Email Field, you can make this field mandatory for the leads or optional.
    • ◼ Phone Field:
      For this field, the same thing applies. You can make it optional or mandatory.
    • ◼ Terms & Conditions Checkbox:
      You can show the checkbox for terms & conditions mandatory for tick or optional. And can edit the text.
    • ◼ Form Submit Button Text:
      Here you can customize the form submit button text for the leads.

    Now, the 3rd and last phase for the create widget section.

  • Widget style:

    In this step, you can modify the form and text style to suit your preferences and branding requirements. There are numerous form modification options available here. You are free to modify the form to meet your own requirements.

    Once done everything, you preview how the form looks before clicking the “Save Widget & Get Code” button.

    After that, you will be sent to the widget List section where you can get your widget script, which you can integrate into your system. And Voila you’ll get a branded Lead generation “SEO Audit” widget button on your site.

    Copy embeddable SEO lead generation code and paste it anywhere on the website

Widget List:

 the list of all created widget forms and can edit or delete

Here you will get a list of widget forms that you’ve created so far. If you want you can edit or delete any of the forms here.

All Leads:

 the list of all the prospective leads that successfully generated on account

Here you will get the list of all the prospective leads that you’ve successfully generated. Here you’ll find the email address. That way you’ll easily generate email leads with whom you can communicate for making them permanent customers.

Pretty simple & effective right? Once you embed the tool on our website, you can start offering Free SEO audits to your visitors. Those Free SEO audits work as a way to capture leads. When any of your visitors request an audit. This tool will automatically generate a custom-branded report for them. That report will contain your brand logo. In return, you can capture their contact information.

You don’t have to put any extra effort into it. After you set it, you don’t have to do anything. This tool will do all the lead generation work for you. When any lead is captured, this tool will notify you.

That is how actually SEO lead generation tools work. One important thing, for 14 days you can generate a free branded widget form. After 14 days it will be back to non-branded. So to keep it your branded one, you can subscribe to any of the plans that SEO Audit Software offers.

Only generating leads is not enough. You have to maintain it properly.

So to do that you have to maintain some techniques/guidelines:

  • ⇨ Make some research about your leads & their company before reaching out to them.
  • ⇨ After doing research, now you can reach out to them through email communication.
  • ⇨ While doing email communication follow these simple steps:
    • ◼ When writing an email keeps the email subject line casual. That doesn’t sound like a sales email. More like you really care about their problems & try to solve them.
    • ◼ Keep your email body short & simple.
    • ◼ Now, wait for your lead to respond. If not you can send a follow-up email.

There are other SEO lead-generation techniques as well for generating leads. If you don’t take the help of the SEO lead generation tool (which you should). Or either way, you can benefit from the below steps that I already mentioned above.

Create High-Quality Content:

Producing high-quality blog articles on your blog site, can bring high-quality traffic & leads for you. What you have to do is understand the search intent. Also, research your industry competitors what they are doing for their website & blog content.

Look out the content angle, content type, formats they are using. And based on that produce your content.

Don’t forget to add engaging infographics to the content.

After publishing it on your Website. Share it on all social media platforms.

The more targeted people will reach it, the more lead you can generate through it. And most important don’t forget to add a clear CTA to your blog article.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is another way to reach out to your targeted audience.

It is also called blogger outreach.

Try to reach your industry-leading blogsite & make a life-long partnership with them.

Once your blog is published to any higher authority site. It will automatically bring more traffic & leads to your website.

Use different Social Media Platforms:

Joining different industry-related events, different Facebook & LinkedIn groups also can help you to reach your audience.

Actively participating in those groups & sharing your industry expertise, will help to build a reputation. And, that helps you to get leads.

Those are some of the proven techniques that you can use for generating leads. Generating leads for your agency is not easy. But by using a lead generation tool you can make that task easier.

Start uplifting your lead generation game & make more profit for your agency.

I am Maqsood Rahman, the mastermind behind SEO Audit Software. I have worked in the Digital Marketing industry for the last 17 years in New York City. Currently, I am working for 5+ years as Founder and CEO at SEO Audit Software. Want to rank in Google from anywhere in the world? No Problem! From Big data analysis, finding bugs, and fixing technical errors to rank higher on the Google first page, my expertise and Software are fully dedicated to serving Local and National Enterprise-level SEO clients.

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