Open Source SEO Reporting Software

On-premises Open Source SEO Tools Pricing

If you are in digital marketing indusy, you already know the importance of SEO service for your clients. So you need technical audit report & 100% accurate keyword tracking progress. And you need everything under your brand in your domain to stand out from your competitors.


Please select your preferred plan


I don’t want to sell SEO Software as Service


I want to sell SEO Software as Service

One time payment

For the software you need to pay one time to download the source code. For some features and support, you need to pay additionally. Please check details before placing an order.


Whats include with pricing

One time installation and configuration support. For additional time it will cost $250



100% open source code



30 Days Free phone and email support.


Yes (90 Days)

Branded Theme



Additional cost require for this software

Your own domain and hosting and all server related resources. You pay for your server



API for SERPs Data. Every time you track search ranking, you pay $0.0008 price per keywords. So if you want to track 1250 keywords ranking from Google search engine results page, it will cost you $1



Is there any other cost for this software?

Do you need any additional payment for running similar SEO Software as



Source code right?

Can I resell or redistribute the source code



Open Source SEO Tools FAQ’s

Build your own custom branded SEO Software for your SEO business & check out the below FAQ sections for more insights about our open source SEO software.

Open source SEO tools mean a combination of various SEO tools & features, where you can perform multiple SEO tasks under one roof & all source code is open to you which you can access at any time & update it accordingly. You can host it on your own server after downloading the full source code and manage it as your own software.

No, you need to pay one time to download the source code of our open source SEO reporting tool. Before placing the order you can check out our free trial account.

Yes, after downloading the full source code, this open-source audit software will be installed on your server. Our technical team will provide 100% support during the installation procedure.

After purchasing & download the full source code, you are going to have full access to all the code of our Open source software.

Yes, you can customize the source code, as, after the downloading, you’ll get the full authority of our software.

No, Once you pay for downloading the source code there is no other additional payment. You don’t have to pay any subscription fees. But in order to use it for any third party API, you will have to pay the subscription fees accordingly.

After getting the full-authority of using the SEO software in your server, you can use it as many domains as you want.

No, you can’t sell the source code of our SEO software. But you can open it for the other user to use the subscriptions based module service.

Open-source SEO software isn’t that much available like other kinds, So our Open source SEO platform will be perfect for you if you want to build your own SEO report software.