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You already find out your potential SEO prospects, now what? You have to turn them into your lead to sell your service. But its really hard to get noticed by the SEO clients for turning them into leads. With the help of our SEO lead generation tool, now everything will be done easily. Now generate lead directly from your site even when you’re asleep.

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How Our Lead Generation Tool Work

Our lead generator will help you to convert more visitors into your loyal customers. And the process is also pretty simple. Only after filling the lead generation form, your client will get a comprehensive result on their site optimization report. You can customize the report in your own branding style and that way get more potential lead for your business.

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From an SEO freelancer to Professional SEO enthusiastic – everyone can use our SEO lead generating tool.

Frequently Asked Question

Know more about our Lead Generation tool & help your business successfully respond to the needs of your audience.

From small SEO freelancer to Digital marketing enthusiastic – everyone can use our SEO Lead Generation Tools for their website.

Lead generation isn’t only limited to get your potential clients to visit your website but it also helps to collect their info so that you can nurture them and make them into your loyal customers. And with our SEO Audit Software- lead generation tools you will get all the benefit of generating high-quality leads.

You can increase the amount of generating qualified leads with the help of our lead generation tool. Here you can add the lead generation form in your site where your visitor gets the chance of doing free site audits after exchanging their contact info. And that way you will get the potential leads to your business.

With our white-label lead generation tool, you can configure the site audit widget in your website. Here you can change the widget title & type and also can change the button label & color according to your branding color. And after integrating the widget link to your site, you can start generating lead with our tool.

For b2b lead generation, you can use our lead generation tool. This tool will notify you every time whenever any new lead enters your lead generation tool & as a result you can turn them into your loyal clients.

Whenever any new lead uses your site audit widget, they have to enter their contact info in the lead generation form including their email address & phone number. Our tool will notify you whenever you get any new lead. And by using their contact information you can send them their website audit result in the PDF form through email. As a result, you can use that information for future marketing purposes. And that way by using our tool, you can generate email leads for your business.