SEO Audit Software FAQs

How do I add another user to my account?

When you signup with SEO Audit Software, you don’t need to fill out any registration form. You can sign up with a valid Gmail account or Google Authentication domain.

But what happens if you want to share your SEO Audit Software access with your teammate?

We keep it sample. Just log in to your account and follow the following steps:

STEP 1: Login to your SEO Audit Software account using your email.

STEP 2: Click My Profile from Manage Account. There you can find an empty password field.

Type the password for your teammate. After setting up the password, click the save button, and wait until you successfully save it.

STEP 3: Then share your email address and newly added password with your team. So your teammate doesn’t know your email password and they can access SEO Audit Software.

And you can access the same as before by authenticating your email.

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