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FAQs on Branded SEO Tools

Sharing the most frequently asked questions on Branded SEO Tools on the cloud. Give that a read to clear out your confusion on our SEO Audit Software Service.

White Label SEO Audits Tool means generating a branded audit report for any website by analyzing the underlying factors of website performance that impact Google ranking. Here you can easily modify the report branding by adding your own company logo, name, contact address, and branded color and can share it directly with your clients.
White Label Website SEO Analytics tool helps in analyzing your website in the following terms:
  • Analyze website loading speed including domain and redirect issues
  • Analyze website’s content loaded time
  • Analyze server performance activities including server blocking time, the total number of error request, server connection time, and so on
  • Breakdown whole website’s content by following below factors:
    • Website URL
    • Title Tag
    • Description Tag
    • Image Analysis
    • H1, H2, H3 Tag
  • Identify Keyword cannibalization issue
Once these on-page factors are addressed, you can easily create an improvement plan for your site UX and SEO. A white Label SEO Audits tool goes the extra mile by providing the necessary steps for improvement in the SEO report.
How does the best white label SEO audit software work?
It’s not rocket science to perform an SEO Audit on your website by using the best white label SEO audit software. For running a technical audit using this software follow the below steps
  • First, become our Free trial user by using your Google account
  • When you land on the dashboard go to the ‘Audit a Page’ module
  • Type your targeted page URL and the most important keyword of that page
  • Within a few seconds (depending on website server response and HTML content) you’ll get a complete SEO analysis report for your website.
As a smart SEO Service provider, your marketing agency will easily get benefitted from the essence of white label SEO audit software. With the White Label SEO reporting tool now you can easily generate a branded actionable information-packed report. And when your generated branded SEO report informs the customer about the SEO issues that need to be resolved, they will naturally get impressed.
A white Label SEO Analysis tool helps your marketing agency to get access to thousands of potential clients with Embeddable SEO Widget on the website.
You don’t need to hire an in-house SEO team since you now have SEO Audit Software that automatically takes care of all your SEO needs.
It takes just 10 to 20 seconds (depending on website server response and HTML content) to complete the White Label SEO Audit scan on your website.
An SEO report consists of a complete analysis of your website’s health and performance. To generate technical SERP white label SEO reports using the SEO Reporting tool, follow the below steps:
  • To generate a technical SEO report first sign-up for the SEO Audit Software
  • After signing up, in the dashboard visit the “Audit a page” module. There enter your website URL and most important keywords for that page.
  • In just 20 seconds (auditing time depends on server response and HTML content) you’ll get a comprehensive SERP SEO analysis report, which can be shared instantly with clients
A white labeling SEO performance dashboard means an intuitive platform where at a glance you can access all the features of SEO Audit Software. With the white labeling feature, you can easily make necessary changes in your SEO Audit report and can make it as your branded one.
The features of the White Label SEO Reporting Tool include,
  • Branded the whole SEO report as your organization’s own
  • Can include a custom header, footers, and logo of your brand
  • Analyze website health based on the most important on-page factors
  • Can easily integrate all the important on-page data streams on the SEO report
  • Can embed White Label SEO Audit tool on your website as per your likings
You can access the free White Label SEO report tool for 14 days. After 14 days you can subscribe to any of the subscription plans that SEO Audit Software provides.
There is also a lifetime free version usage benefit. Under the Free plan you can run technical audits for 100 of the websites, can track 50 keyword positions, and get 3 of competitor keyword ranking reports.
Yes!! To keep the SEO reporting program under your brand name, you have to pay for the white label SEO reporting tool. There also has a 14 days free trial benefit, where you get the chance to use the white label SEO reporting program completely free. To learn more, visit:
With the help of the White Label SEO Report generator tool you can easily present technical auditing results as a pictorial presentation in the report. Such tool works by giving an overview of your site page grade, loading speed, server performance, overall keywords insights, HTTP request & content breakdown. It is so simple to create an SEO report with the drag-drop features and using that, helps in focusing on the most important issues of your site. On a monthly basis, you can share the reports PDF file with your clients.
Yes with the help of SEO Lead generation tools you can easily embed the White Label Web SEO evaluation platform on your site. Here you will get the chance to customize the whole widget form and share the access to your client to run unlimited audits on their website. That way you will easily get industry-relevant clients for your business.
The steps of embedding the White Label SEO Audit Widget on the website are pretty simple.
  • After login into the SEO Audit Software, you’ll land on the dashboard. There choose the “Generate Leads” options
  • In the create widget section you’ll find a form to customize the widget form look and feel.
  • After customizing the form field, click on the “Save and Generate Widget” button.
  • Now integrate the widget script on your website and generate unlimited Local SEO leads for your business.
To learn more, visit: