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Multilingual SEO Audit Software

Translate Your SEO Platform into the Top 12 Languages

Use the power of the SEO Audit Software now in your own language. You can translate the Software interface, On-Page SEO Tool, SEO Audit Report as well as the Lead Generation Form into many languages. The translation is available in 12 different languages.
  • English
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Greek
  • Swedish
  • Polish
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
Multilingual SEO Audit Software

Embedded SEO Audit Form for the website

Benefits of using

Free SEO Audit Software

SEO Audit is a must to keep your website error-free. Learn how SEO Audit helps to Improve Google Rankings

Run SEO Auditing Software on your own Server

We offer 100% source code for other marketing companies who want to develop SEO software. You can host in your server and save tons of time from development and focus on marketing and branding. Signup for a free trial account. If you like it, you can own everything once you purchase our source code of our SEO software. So you can also start your SEO Software business on the cloud.
Open Source
Save up to
3000 /per year

Compare SEO Audit Software with popular SEO tools

Even if we offer a 14 days free trial we still care about your valuable time. So before committing with our software, learn how our tools serve compared to others & make data-driven solutions for your day to day SEO tasks.

Compare with MySiteAuditor Tool

If you are using MySiteAuditor for your lead generation tool, check how much you can save and win from our features.

Compare with SERanking

Tracking your keywords ranking positions using SERanking? Learn how much you can save & gain from our rank tracking tool.

Compare with Woorank

Checking your SEO score using Woorank? Check our SEO Audit tools & learn how much you can win from our features.

Compare with SEO Site Checkup

SEO site checkup will help you to run unlimited analysis. Well, check out this comparison & learn how much you will gain using our website audit tool.

Compare with SEOmator

For in-depth technical SEO analysis, check out our SEO site auditing tools & learn how we compare with SEOmator.

Compare with SEOptimer

Check this comparison with Seoptimer & learn how much you can save using our white label SEO reporting tools features

Compare with Agency Analytics

Looking for complete SEO solutions from Agency Analytics? Well, learn how you can save extra pennies & win more features using our tool.

Compare with WebCEO

Generating qualified leads now becomes simpler. Check our lead generation tool features & learn how we compare with WebCEO’s features.

Compare with Raven tools

If you’re currently using Raven tools for your White Label SEO reports, check this comparison & learn how much extra time & money you can save using our software

Compare with Advanced web ranking

Check this comparison with Advanced web ranking, know how much you can save while tracking your valuable keyword rankings using our features.

Compare with seobility

For better optimization on-site auditing is important. Check our comparison with Seobility & learn how you can gain more benefits using our features.

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