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White Label SEO Audit Software (Report Tool) & Free Embed Options to 10x Your Lead.

The SEO Audit tool are evaluating SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking factors & best practice for improving your on page SEO for better ranking in search results page. You can also embed lead capture form in your website and provide white label report to your customer.

Website SEO Audit Report Tool

SEO Audit Tool Features:

  • White Label SEO Audit Report
  • Details Auditing Report for improve your keyword ranking.
  • White Label Lead Capture From.
  • Generate lead directly from your website
  • Provide report instantly to customer.
  • Receive new lead notification

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Let us save your time

Review every single page of the website coding to find out best practice of SEO can be very time consuming, our software can help you to find every single detail instantly page by page.

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Let us find the error

The team of SEO Experts also made mistake while doing technical SEO auditing as there is lots of data and factor to consider. Our system can help you to find all technical error from coding to server configuration instantly.

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Create Branded White Label SEO Audit Report

Creting a branded SEO audit report can be difficult and time consuming without proper tool. Our SEO Audit tools help you to create eyey catching and informative website techncail audting report in just a minutes under your brand.

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Track your optmization progress

All SEO’s knows on-page SEO is never end and there is always place for improve. Little trick in on-page content can change your ranking dramatically. You can store each report in database and track optmizaiton progress without any hassel.

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Outrank your competitor on the SERPs

We all want to rank higher and our competitor always ahead of us. Outrank your competitor can grow your business online. Out SEO Auditing & Reporting tools provide you full techncail guideine and best practice of onpage and offpage SEO for improve your ranking in search engine results page.

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SEO Auditing & Reporting Tool For Any Devices

Simple, Smart & Stunning SEO Audit Tool work on any smart devices (phone, tablet, laptop, destop). So now you can save more time and get result on the fly. You can also send SEO Audit report to your customer for review SEO Score or your SEO Team for fixing problem. View sample website seo audit report in pdf format.

Why SEO Audit Tool Matters:

Using SEO Audit tool you can easily find your problem. So your SEO professional can easily fix the problem and rank higher. It also helps you to show how expert you are in SEO to your customer. Details technical SEO report also show you credibility.

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Website SEO Audit Report Tool

How Agencies use SEOaudit .Software?

If you are a big brand or small company you need traffic on your website. Organic traffic is one of most valuable traffic in the world wide web. To get traffic in your website you need to optimize your website for search engine. To get higher ranking in search result you must need to find our all technical error and compare with your competitors. SEO Auditing report will provide you all technical details for ranking factor and improve opportunity.

Search Ranking Factors Matters

SEO Audit is must for all website:

  • To reduce error.
  • Prioritize SEO issues & decide that to fix immediately.
  • Track SEO optimizaiton progress.
  • To improve ranking.
  • To save time.
  • To become an SEO Professional.

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Embed White Label SEO Tools to Generate more leads from your website

A website owner can easily customize SEO Audit Form by adding the logo, company name, phone, email & business address. They can also change color to blend with their brand place it anywhere on the website to allow their visitor to check free SEO score in just a few clicks. If you want to add SEO audit tool to your entire website without creating new pages this tool is perfect for any website. Simply go to White Label Settings and follow the following instructions:

Embed onClick SEO Audit Tool:

  • a. Upload your logo.
  • b. Add company name & business information
  • c. Select onClick SEO Audit form & Position
  • d. Select the field you want to display
  • e. Generate widget code & add it in your website before end of the body tag

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onclick Embed SEO Audit form to generate more lead
SEO Tool by

SEO Lead Capture Landing Page

You can create a custom page on your website and place our SEO auditing capture form to generate lead and provide instant white label auditing report to your user.

Using white label you can provide complete technical SEO auditing report under your brand to your potential leads or existing clients. It increases your credibility & marks your brand identity from the crowd.

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This SEO Audit Tool is awesome. We are now generating more lead than ever. Easy to manage and customize branding. Just love it.

Jolanta Gora

CEO & SEO Specialist at
Bincode Media

Must have tools for any online marketing agency for save time and generate the potential lead from the website. It also helps us to showcase our brand online.

Thomas Wong

SEO Manager at Level Ten Solutions

I don’t know how these tools work, but it can find everything that you need for improves your ranking. Highly recommend to any SEO Professionals.

Anna Pickard

Marketing Director at
Hotelier Software

I am using open source version, support is amazing. They configure everything in our server in 2 working days.

Morgan Wafer

SEO Manager at
Grameen Market

Open Source SEO Auditing
Software for Agency

If you are an entrepreneur or digital marketing agency and want to build your own SEO Auditing platform to seel SEO Auditing services to other SEO Companies or SEO professional this software can save your time and money. You can download complete source code and host this
open source SEO software

under your domain and sell SEO Auditng services to other agencies. You can easily translate to your local language and dominate your business in your country.

Website SEO Auditng Software for Entrepreneur