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Best SEO Reporting Software to Amplify your Organic Search Rankings, Track your keywords
& Create a White-label Report.

White Label SEO Tool with Free Embeddable system

Our white label SEO Audit Tool allows you to easily configure a custom domain with a private logo, header, footer - all will be in custom design. And with that, now you can easily embed our software directly onto your website along with a lead capture form which can help your potential customers to collaborate or operate the SEO tools for their projects.

SEO Audit and Reporting Tool compatible for every User

Track your organic Rankings or generate instant SEO Score report, now all can be performed easily with the most simple, flexible SEO Software. And the best part is you can access this software in any device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop). Now prepare a technical SEO audit report on the go.

Built-in SEO Reporting Software for Agencies

Configured this SEO Software in your way. Whether you own big or small brands, this software can be availed by every agency. With the easy-to-use interface, you can easily generate an SEO Audit report free online, can find out all the technical errors and at the same time can compare with your competitors and improve your SEO strategy. This All-in-one software will save your keyword recharge time so that you can concentrate on running the business.

Open Source SEO Tool for Scalable reporting

With the right reporting tool, you can easily lift your business up. And with the SEO audit tool, you will get that very opportunity. As an entrepreneur or digital marketing enthusiastic, you surely want to build your SEO platform. Here you can download the complete source code and easily host this software on your domain.

Why Open Source Audit Software

This Open-Source SEO tool is designed to monitor your websites ranking in Google and improve your SEO performances. After downloading it, you can use, edit, copy or resell this software without any restriction. Also, you can translate it into your local language and without any hassle provide the SEO Auditing service to other SEO Companies or SEO professionals. Now, elevate yours as well as your clients’ ranking with the right SEO tool.

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